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This process is about defining what South Cooper Mountain looks like in the future, and helping to create a complete, connected, and vibrant community. The Concept Plan will establish a vision that serves as a long-term guide for future growth and development of the South Cooper Mountain (SCM) area. The project area contains approximately 2,300 acres, comprised of three unique sub-areas:

  1. The 544-acre SCM Annexation Area (added to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) in 2011 and annexed to the City of Beaverton in 2012)

  2. The largely developed 510- acre North Cooper Mountain area (located outside of the city and added to the UGB in 2002)

  3. The 1,232-acre Urban Reserve area between North and South Cooper Mountain

This process will recognize the unique needs of the three distinct subareas while developing a holistic understanding of how the three areas could integrate and grow sustainably over time.

We need your input!

Before we can create alternative scenarios for how the area could grow, we are: (a) establishing principles to guide our work; and (b) mapping existing conditions and studying the needs of the area and community. This survey is an opportunity for you to tell us what you know about the South Cooper Mountain area and to give us feedback on the Guiding Principles that will influence the creation and evaluation of scenarios.

Using this site

Above are tabs that allow you to provide feedback in different ways. Using the comment map you can tell us about specific locations in the South Cooper Mountain area. On the comment wall you can share your ideas and questions with the project team and others members of the public. Using the survey you can provide specific information to project staff about Guiding Principles and how we can communicate with you in the future.

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Comment Map

On the next page is an interactive map. You can click and drag the map to navigate, zoom in or search for an address or intersection. Click on lines and icons to read comments and information about the area. To submit your own comments, click Add Map Comment. Click and drag the map to center the crosshairs over a location, then click Place Comment.

To help supplement our research and mapping, please use the comment map to tell us about the South Cooper Mountain study area:

  • Where are the environmental and historical resources that you think we should know about?
  • Where are your favorite locations, and why? 
  • What else do we need to know?

You can also share location specific questions and comments. Please share non-location specific comments on the . Only your name will be published with your comment; your email address will not be published. By leaving a comment, you are agreeing to our comment policy.


Help us understand South Cooper Mountain

Please share general comments about the project or the study area with the public and with the project team. Tell us what we need to know in 144 characters or less. (You can provide longer answers when you fill out the on the next page.)

Recent Comments

Traffic can't be the only concern. Better density inside the boundary than sprawled out like in LA. Remember, density gives you transp. option

Tracy on May. 31, 2013

Sad to see property owners cutting down one tree after another on these properties!

Ted on May. 30, 2013

An example of what will happen to the reserve area is Churchhill Forest(less) clearcut. Bvrtn is seriously lacking environmental responsibility.

Tom on May. 30, 2013

Cooper Mtn Nature Park is wonderful. It would be nice to walk to it but it is too dangerous. Please add sidewalks/bikepaths to 190th.

Dave on May. 29, 2013

Kemmer Rd. has already become a speeding traffic nightmare thoroughfare using it to get from north to south. More homes will be unbearable

Cecelia on May. 29, 2013

Let's see...after all the farmland and air are destroyed, what happens to all the people? Walmart? Really?

Nancy on May. 29, 2013

Wow...we've been so busy promoting this NOW beautiful area didn't realize it was being destroyed. Thanks Beaverton & Metro!

Nancy on May. 29, 2013

You need to widen 209th Ave from TV Hwy. There are no sidewalks now and pedestrians walk in the road and this will be a throughway in this plan.

Aaron on May. 28, 2013

Put in some big retail at corner of Scholl's/ Walmart/Home Depot/Lowes/etc. Already enough high-end grocery,etc at progress ridge

Aaron on May. 28, 2013

Keep Trimet out of the rural areas (there should be no bus routes that leave Scholls Rd). Bus stops every 1/8th mile will make traffic worse.

Aaron on May. 28, 2013

Please do not impact the wildlife corridor that uses Cooper Mtn Nature Park. Endangered animals would be put at risk.

George on May. 28, 2013

Please do not impact the beauty of the views from Cooper Mt Nature Park. It is the gem of the THPRD.

George on May. 28, 2013

Road improvements have already been made to make it easier to travel OVER Cooper Mt and yet no improvements have been made ON Cooper Mt. Really?

Tasha on May. 28, 2013

Please allow houses to be built on lots larger than .20 acres. Some families value having an actual back yard and breathing room bwtn neighbors.

Michael on May. 27, 2013

Think of OHSU hospital on that hill, it generates an enormous amount of traffic and should never have been built there. Winter travel ha! Low de

SteveM on May. 27, 2013

Rush hour commuting up and over Cooper Mtn. is dangerous. Adding more traffic will make it even more dangerous.

Brett on May. 25, 2013

You are getting So Hill to the west & now South/North Cooper Mt. but no viable safe road system over Cooper Mt. Hope there are plans for this.

Ray on May. 24, 2013

Need to reduce the speed limit on all roads comin up on cooper mountain. 40 is too fast with more people/activity on the hill.

Jan on May. 24, 2013

"Traffic is already terrible on Scholls from 175th to Murray. " Until they widen Scholls there, any more development exacerbates the problem!

Ken on May. 24, 2013

Washington Counties realignment of 175th has already turned this into a freeway during rush hour. Today's backup was a mile long. Good planning!

Tim on May. 24, 2013

"The Next Great Place" more like the "The Next Destroyed Place"

Tim on May. 24, 2013

All Beaverton resdents would beneft from leaving most of this area as low density resdential. No commercial development should be allowed.

Jeff on May. 22, 2013

Keep it as natural as possible! Low density housing, no signs, bury all phone and electric lines, camouflage cell phone towers, lots of walkways

Shelley on May. 22, 2013

Traffic is already terrible on Scholls from 175th to Murray. How are the residents in the Snowy Owl area going to get in and out of their street

Tim on May. 22, 2013

"Cooper Mtns' topography is rugged and difficult.... We like living in a rural area leave it!" Ditto.

Sara on May. 21, 2013

Most people are commuting N/S from Hillsboro. Need a HWY to C.M.! Or elevate 185th over intersections with baseline, T.V. HWY and Farmington.

Sara on May. 21, 2013

I understand that development in inevitable, however, go about it responsibly. Avoid small lots and build roads to handle the extra residents.

Marc on May. 21, 2013

Assuming we have to do this please widen 209th and 185th south of Farmington. Scholls will not be only way in and out, w/o more lanes will be :(

Matt on May. 21, 2013

Just look East on Scholls towards Murray Hill. Shopping, cars, townhomes covering the hills. Is there really a demand to support more retail?

Matt on May. 21, 2013

Glad to see you taking input. Some known plans are not included. New High School, and planned development already owned would be helpful.

Steve on May. 20, 2013

Cooper Mtns' topography is rugged and difficult for services necessary for high density housing areas. We like living in a rural area leave it!

Jean on May. 20, 2013

Let's not try to make the density so high that it will be unlivable. Limit of 144 characters is not workable.

Hi Ron – You are welcome to submit longer comments through the comment form. – SCM Staff

Ron on May. 20, 2013

I agree there is already too much traffic on Grabhorn which makes it very loud for people who live near the road. Please find alternate roads.

John on May. 18, 2013

Please do not destroy the wonderful natural lands for horrible townhomes and small houses. Don't make this another Hillsboro.

Dayna on May. 18, 2013

Road and public transport infrastructure development should be required of developers BEFORE housing is constructed. Include bus, rail, bike.

Kevin on May. 17, 2013

All creeks, waterways and floodplains should be made public land with walking trails through them. Houses should not abut wetlands and pollute.

Kevin on May. 17, 2013

CooperMtn. South has always been a pleasant respite from the urban sprawl/ density to the east & north. Beaverton will be remiss to lose this.

Steve on May. 17, 2013

Please reduce the speed limit on 175th from High Hill Ln south to SFR. Current speeds w/proposed higher densities will simply be dangerous.

Steve on May. 17, 2013

Add a health club like Sunset Athletic Club

Duc on May. 16, 2013

Consider Scholls Ferry & Tile Flat Rd intersection being a "round about" like was done at the SF-River rd intersection.

George on May. 16, 2013

South Cooper Mtn is designated by Metro for high density residential. We'll need to work within that requirement. It will need retail support.

David on May. 16, 2013

consider grouping developments so there are large natural areas between clusters of homes to allow significant contiguous forest in between.

emmer on May. 16, 2013

Love the natural beauty of this area. It is a habitat for a lot of beautiful wildlife. Please keep it natural and low density.

Cheryl on May. 15, 2013

My husband and I walk in the Cooper Mountain Nature Park. Would like to see that expanded and conserve nature.

Sally on May. 15, 2013

South Cooper Mtn is all about the environment (tree and animals). The development needs to have as little impact as possible on it.

Marilyn on May. 15, 2013

Please keep lots at no less than .5 and 1 acre. I have lived on South Cooper Mtn for over 40 years, it saddens me to see all the houses built.

Marilyn on May. 15, 2013

Definite issues with 175th and Rigert intersection that need to be addressed. Traffic has increased greatly already, will be huge safety issue

Kim on May. 14, 2013

I understand the market is a primary driver, but it would be great if the plan could accommodate a mix of high, med and low housing densities.

Mike on May. 14, 2013

We understand the need to add 5500 units, but the city must do so in a way that protects forest, prevents sprawl, and blends with the area.

Juanita on May. 14, 2013

My home backs onto 175th on the North crest of Cooper Mt. Since Roy Rogers was aligned to 175 I have a freeway in my back yard. Disappointing.

Dean on May. 14, 2013

Preserve this special place. Expand the nature park and only allow low-density housing. Allowing (or requiring) high-density would be a disaster

John on May. 13, 2013

Low density housing only. Beaverton is large enough! It is getting quite congested on SW Scholls Ferry Rd. Preserve nature!

Andrea on May. 13, 2013

Why not try out some mixed use development in this area? Continue the development ideas started at Progress Ridge and take it a step further.

Aaron on May. 13, 2013

Please, keep the Urban Reserve area as minimally developed as possible. The most desirable aspect of this location is its natural beauty.

Nicki on May. 13, 2013

Parks/playgrounds are essential!

Greta on May. 13, 2013

Please, low density housing. No more sprawl. Consider lower speed limit on 190th. Wide open spaces and natural areas, please!!!

Lynn on May. 13, 2013

A light with sidewalks/bikepaths at 175th & Rigert is essential for safety. It's an incredibly dangerous intersection & more cars will not help.

Kristy on May. 13, 2013

Urban Reserve area a natural environment for Deer Coyote, Birds Clear cutting destroys all this. Churchill (No Forest) is a horrible example

Rich on May. 13, 2013

Preserve the low-density housing as it is now. Prefer a minimum of 1/2-acre lots in the "Urban Reserve" area.

Rick and Darlene on May. 13, 2013

Keep low density housing on Cooper Mtn. We are a unique and close knit community. Do not clear cut our mountain and add commercial/dense housing

kim on May. 13, 2013

Preserve the beautiful, bucolic nature of the area and keep us from looking like the nightmare that is across the way around Bull Mountain.

Leslie on May. 12, 2013

Consider what transit options will be available. Is there going to be a bus route close?

Jarno on May. 12, 2013

Make any developments walkable/bikable w/ greenways. Provide neighborhood shopping so you don't need to drive to the store.

Dave on May. 12, 2013

Need a good mass transit plan. Perhaps a Scholls Transit Center w/ express bus svc to MAX and downtown.

Dave on May. 12, 2013

Planning for the flow of commuting traffic is essential. SFR to 217 is already overcrowded, yet it is the only viable route to most destination

Dave on May. 12, 2013

we moved out to this area to find livability and space. We do not want to see row after row of rowhouses or apt construction the sake of density

larry on May. 12, 2013

There is too much traffic on Grabhorn now. Winter access is limited. Plan for new highways.

Cheryl on May. 12, 2013

It would be great to integrate walk/bike trails into cooper mountain, away from roads where possible (like Sunriver)

Robert on May. 12, 2013

There are no public transit options available to existing residents. If more homes are built, this needs to be addressed.

Mark on May. 11, 2013

Parks and play areas are essential as residential density increases in the area to help foster stronger neighborhoods. Better access roads too!

Peri on May. 10, 2013

Minimum of three lanes are absolutely necessary on both 175th and Grabhorn-Tile Flat to Support north-south traffic to avoid rush hour gridlock.

Casey on May. 8, 2013

Beaverton has been a car-dominated disaster for decades! PLEASE stop encouraging even more sprawl and habitat destruction! We need open space!

Tim on May. 7, 2013

Does the City have any plans to address the increase in traffic or do they just expect everyone to ride bicycles?

Tonya on May. 5, 2013

No increase in 175th road width unless the other two sub units in the urban reserve are annexed and speed limits are reduced to 35mph or lower

Bill on May. 3, 2013

It is crucial that the city of Beaverton plans and zones the area in a way that puts its natural environment and country character first.

Reggie on May. 1, 2013

first thing beaverton should do is make 175th 3 lanes and make it straight, going down the south side

rex nere on May. 1, 2013

first thing to do is take 175th and make it a straight road and add turn lanes.

rex nere on May. 1, 2013

Please don't destroy too much of the beautiful natural habitat. Our area is slowly descending into walls of subpar townhomes & hoards of people!

Victoria on May. 1, 2013

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